me for web.jpgI build and foster communities of practice in scholarly communication and digital preservation, paying special attention to outreach and education. As project manager for digital initiatives in the Modern Language Association’s office of scholarly communication, I work to find ways that digital technologies can serve those communities, with a particular focus on issues of open access and extensive dissemination; author rights; peer review; and recognition of digital work for tenure and promotion. I am driven by the possibility of a user-centered scholarly communication ecosystem that enables access to academic work, broadly defined, as well as its public dissemination.

A determined alt-activist, I am also in charge of the website for Connected Academics, the MLA’s Mellon-funded initiative to introduce graduate students to a wide range of potential careers. I spend a great deal of time thinking about and between issues such as academic freedom, contingent labor, graduate education reform, and mental health in the academy.

I volunteer on the advisory board of ReKn, the conference committee of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, and as a leader in the BPSA scouts, who advocate for traditional scouting for everyone, regardless of gender identification, religion, race, or sexual orientation.

I have a PhD in French Literature from NYU and an MFA in Literary Translation from the University of Iowa. And because I want to know All The Things, I’ve taken continuing education classes in UX design; metadata for digital preservation; mapping with Omeka and Neatline; digital textual analysis; creating data visualizations with R; and HTML and CSS.

When I’m not working, I’m usually obsessively reading speculative fiction, drinking wine, hiking, constructing oddities from Lego with my husband and son (or watching our cat deconstruct said oddities), or spending unconscionable amounts of time on Twitter. Otherwise, you’ll probably find me on my bike.

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