The Syllabus as Scholarship

What questions could we ask ourselves about syllabi to ensure that they, as objects, embody the values and practices we want to encourage and reward in the academic humanities?

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Community as a Humanistic Value

This is my second post from the Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute, where I headed up a team focusing on Humetrics: Building Humane Metrics for the Humanities. Our team was quite vocal about the importance of working out …

Humetrics Values

What are the values that would enrich and improve humanities scholarship? This is in part about what could count towards tenure and promotion, but is much more importantly about what the ancient Greeks called arete, or excellence in practice.

Taking Back Alt Ac

The Job Market. There’s only ever one when you’re talking to an academic, right? Or at least when you’re talking to a tenured academic. To such professors, working outside of …

DHSI — and back again

I’m sitting in the airport about to return from the Digital Humanities Summer Institute: the friendliest, most energizing, most enthusiastic (un)conference/summer school/nerdfest ever. I was nervous about taking the time …